Bring Your Home's Wiring Up to Code

Home rewiring services near Tavares, Florida

Exposed wires. Incorrectly installed wires. Faulty wires. You shouldn't put your home at risk because your wiring is less than perfect. Joe's Electrical Service & Repair LLC can upgrade your home's wiring in a flash. You can trust our electricians to handle your residential rewire - whether you're remodeling your home or simply seeking an upgrade. Stop plugging your devices into a faulty electrical system. Call 352-508-1332 for home electrical rewiring in Tavares, Florida and the surrounding area.

Don't put your home at risk of an electrical fire

Faulty home wiring is the number one cause of electrical fires. Your home could go up in flames because of one exposed wire. Over 25,000 electrical fires occurred each year between 2009 and 2011. Don't put your family at risk. Call Joe's Electrical Service to address:

Frequently tripped breakers
Loose outlets
Flickering lights
Burning smells
Overloaded electrical panels

Protect your family with a better electrical setup. For home rewiring in Tavares, Eustis and Mount Dora, Florida, call Joe's Electrical Service & Repair today.